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Cranberry with soils


Cranberries need fertile soil that is enriched with organic matter and has an acidic pH level of between 4.5 and 5.5.

It is imperative to use Lithuanian or Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss as this is the only product to reduce the soil pH significantly.

It will retain moisture and give your plant the best results and maximum harvest.

Cranberry Kit includes

1 Cranberry Plant

Lithuanian Spaghnum Peat Moss

Berry Mix

Volcanic Rock Dust

Pine Bark Mulch

Berry Fertiliser

The only other soil you need to add is one 30dm bag of Acid Compost

Scroll down for planting information:

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Growing Information for Cranberry Plants;

Step-by-step picture video on how to plant: 

Position – Full sun or semi-shade if you live in a very hot climate. Dappled sun in the afternoon works well.

Grow them in a container or in the garden where they can get regular watering

Dig a hole 50x50x50cm. Place the plant directly into the correct soil mix and cover it with a mulch of pine bark or green pine needles, 5 – 15cm thick.

Our farmer has taken many years of research and trials to perfect the soil mixture for maximum harvest.

Lithuanian or Canadian Spaghnum Peat Moss is a must and acid compost is the base soil.

The Peat Moss must be soaked in water for at least 24 hours, before planting, as it absorbs a lot of water initially and your plant roots will not receive water.

Place acid compost into the pot/hole and mix with potting soil if in a container or any other soil if in the ground.

Add soaked peat moss, berry mix and volcanic rock dust mixing into the top section

Gently place the plant (try not to disturb the roots) in the soil mixture and cover the roots (not the stem) with Pine Bark Mulch.

Size – 40cm High with vines of 2mt in length.

Cranberries grow as a flat-spreading plant.

Watering – Keep damp but not waterlogged

Mulch – Organic pine bark or green pine needles, lower the Ph of the soil as it is growing

Mulch also protects the roots from the sun’s rays, helps keep weeds at bay and helps retain moisture.

Pruning – Cut back dead vines after 3 years.

Fertilising – One level teaspoon of our berry fertilizer every 4-5 months.

Step-by-step picture video on how to plant: 

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