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Early Red Apple Tree


Apples remain one of the most popular fruits in the world and are rewarding to have growing in your garden.

The Early Red Apple tree produces large fruits that are really sweet and delicious with deep-red skin and a crispy texture.

Early red starts flowering around mid October and ready to harvest towards the end of February. It is a medium chill variety, requiring cold during winter to go dormant. Temperatures below 7 degrees in winter are required.

Apple trees are not self-fertile requiring a second variety to cross pollinate it in order to bear fruit. Golden delicious or Granny Smith will do the job.

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Position – Early red apples love sunshine and need at least 6 hours of unfiltered sunlight every day. They do not self-pollinate, so plant your tree close to a pollination partner like a granny smith, pink lady or golden delicious apple. Plant them at least 5 to 6 metres apart.

Size – The Early red apple tree can grow to a height of between 3 and 8 metres and a width of 4 to 6 metres.

Soil Type – Before planting your tree, make sure that the soil is completely free of weeds. The tree needs a looser soil (like sand or loam) so that the roots can extend down through it easily and the water can drain out. This prevents it from becoming flooded. An acidic soil (a pH of less than 7) is necessary for a healthy apple tree.

Mulch – Use generous amounts of hay or other organic mulch to keep the soil moist and full of healthy nutrients. Remember, though, to keep your mulch at least 20 centimetres away from the tree trunk so that it doesn’t trap moisture around the trunk and cause it to rot.

Watering – Keep the soil moist without drowning your tree. This requires regular, light watering (as opposed to heavy watering less often).

Fertilising – Keep your soil healthy by fertilising your apple tree regularly. Nitrogen is especially important.

Pruning – Autumn is the best time to prune your top red apple trees. Cut off any branches that are crossed with or rubbing against another branch, as well as those that are dead, diseased or damaged. Create some space in the tree’s canopy to allow the tree to grow freely.

Harvesting – Usually, the fruits are ready for harvesting about 4.5 to 5 months after the tree has flowered. To know that they’re ready to be picked, apply pressure to the flesh while it is growing. As it begins to soften a little, it should be ready. However, it can be hard to tell when your top red apples are ready. The best way to know is the taste test!

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