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Ne Plus Ultra Almond Tree


Prunus dulcis Ne Plus Ultra


Ne Plus Ultra Almond is a French variety, producing large papershell nuts with a chocolate colour. These trees have a spreading habit, as it is an excellent pollinator for other almond varieties. It is also self-incompatible and will pollinate well with the Nonpareil variety. Each tree can produce up to 6kg of fruit.

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Position – Plant your almond trees in full sun with at least 4 metres of space all around for future growth.

Size – These trees will grow to a height of between 4 and 6 metres. They will fruit after 2 years and reach full fertility at 4 years.

Soil Type – Almond trees grow in all soil types, including chalky soil. At Just Berry Plants, we stock volcanic rock dust, which contains organic minerals and trace elements to create healthy soil and increase important micro-organisms in the ground.

Mulch – All fruit trees thrive if they are protected with good-quality mulch. Generous servings of pine bark and green pine needles spread around the trunk of the tree help eradicate weeds, bring the pH down slightly, and protect the roots from the harsh UV sun rays. Mulch also helps to keep the roots damp. But, be careful not to apply mulch too close to the tree trunk, as the water it retains can cause the trunk to rot.

Watering – The almond tree roots do not like to be waterlogged. A good soaking every 4 to 5 days in spring and summer is preferable.

Fertilising – Boron is recommended when planting your almond tree. Use a slow-release organic fertiliser in spring and summer.

Pruning – Prune dead branches in winter. Maintain a V-shape in the canopy to allow for better light penetration.

Pests – Watch out for borer worms, as they will attack the hardwood trunk of the tree. Even young trees are at risk.

Harvesting – Flower buds open before the leaf buds in spring. Blossoms last about 2 weeks and the fruit develops in mid-summer. The inner shell completes its development 3 months after blossoming. Harvesting takes place in February and March. Almond trees will give maximum yield at 7 to 9 years old, and can produce for up to 40 years.

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