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Lime Tree Grafted


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  • Lime Tree Bears Grafted


    Limes are delicious citrus fruits that are known for their tasty zing, which adds so much flavour to food and drinks. They are smaller and greener than lemons and have a milder, more complex taste. Limes can be grown all year round. There are various types of limes. In South Africa, the most common varieties are Bears and Tahiti limes.


    Limes have a particularly high vitamin C content; but are also high in other antioxidants, folate, magnesium, phosphorus and niacin. They provide a little iron, calcium, vitamin B6, potassium and thiamine too. They boost immunity, reduce the risk of heart disease, promote healthy skin, and much more.

    Lime Tree Grafted

    Lime Tree Bears Grafted

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