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Dragon Fruit Dark Star


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  • Dragon Fruit Dark Star


    The strikingly beautiful dragon fruit is a cactus that thrives in hot, humid, subtropical conditions. They won’t grow in very cold conditions. It has some of the biggest flowers in the world. And, what really sets them apart is that they only bloom for one night and their scent is absolutely incredible.


    Dragon fruit can be added to fruit or vegetable salads, turned into sorbet, enjoyed fresh as a snack, or added to yoghurts and smoothies. They offer optimal amounts of magnesium, fibre, iron, protein and vitamins C and E. They help to fight against heart disease, improve immunity, fight chronic disease, aid digestion, and contribute to healthy blood.


    Our Exotic Cultivars of Dragon Fruit available

    • Sugar dragon – this fruit is the size of a small duck egg and has a vibrant purple flesh. It is particularly flavoursome.
    • Purple haze – this is a sweet purple fruit that tastes similar to a kiwi. This larger variety’s fruit can weigh almost a kilogram.
    • Dark star – these medium to large fruits have a red flesh and taste a little like grapes.
    • Delight – the unique pink of this flesh is sweet and smooth and the fruit is medium to large in size.
    • Physician graffiti – this variety has a pink-red skin and light-purple flesh. It is known for its exceptional flavour, making it a popular choice.
    Dragon Fruit Dark Star

    Dragon Fruit Dark Star

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