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Banana Tree Grand Nain


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  • Banana Tree Grand Nain


    Bananas remain a first choice for a nutritious snack on the go and are still one of the world’s favourite fruits, with the Grand Nain banana being the best known. Bananas have fibre, potassium, magnesium, manganese, and various vitamins. They moderate blood sugar levels, improve digestion and may help us to lose weight. They also have antioxidants.


    Grand Nain’s large and lush leaves fan out and shade layers of bananas that hang in symmetrical clusters. After a lovely bloom of purple flowers, the bananas begin to grow quickly.



    Growing your own bananas is rewarding, not only for the delicious fruit, but also because the trees are pretty and give your space a bit of a tropical feel. The Grand Nain has large leaves and yields large quantities of flavourful bananas faster than any other tree. It also produces well as a potted specimen. Interestingly, banana trees are actually giant herbs.



    Make banana smoothies, add them to pancakes, fry them up with bacon and eggs for a hearty breakfast, or bake them into a gorgeous banana bread loaf. Bananas are a popular way to sweeten dishes for those who are trying to keep their sugar (sucrose) intake down without missing out on sweet treats.

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    Banana Tree Grand Nain

    Banana Tree Grand Nain

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