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Elderberry with Soils


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  • Elderberry with Soils


    Elderberry Plants needs loamy to sandy soil with good drainage to thrive. Soil with a pH level of between 5.5 and 6.5 is optimal.


    Before planting your bush, add your berry mix and volcanic rock dust (which contains organic minerals and trace elements to boost soil health and increase important micro-organisms) close to the surface.


    Gently take your plant out of the pot and plant it level with the ground. The plant will not do well if planted too high or too deep in the ground.


    Always plant to the same level as in the pot you bought it in.


    The Elderberry Soil Kit Contains:


    One Elderberry Plant


    Berry Mix


    Volcanic Rock Dust


    Pine Bark Mulch


    Our Ultra Slow Berry Fertiliser is an optional extra. 1 level teaspoon per plant twice a year is all the berry plants require.

    One bag of fertiliser will be enough for any 4 berry plants for a year!



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    Elderberry with Soils

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