We have quite a variety of peach trees to choose from.

Yellowcling, White Dessert and Freestone. They fruit at different times so you could have fruit from Spring to the the end of January

Peach trees and in fact all fruit trees require good drainage. If the roots remain wet the tree can become diseased and rot.

Full sun is recommended for the best fruit production but they can take some shade especially in the afternoon.

Peach trees will grow in most soils, but prefer slightly acidic soil. Dig a hole about 50cms deep and add a bag of our berry mix or just some acid compost to your soil.

Water once a week in summer and once a month is enough in winter.

The latest varieties that have arrived are:

Boland – The fruit can be harvested mid December. They are freestone peaches and come away from the pip easily.

Summer fruit which is very similar to the Elberta. It is a yellow flesh, red cheek variety and ready to harvest mid January

Oom Sarel is a Yellow clingstone peach and they are ready to harvest mid December.

New stock arrives regularly so contact us for further information on peach tree varieties