It’s a challenge today to grow organic fruit trees, but certainly not impossible as they do not require tons of space in order to flourish.

Many can be grown in large pots if desired. All fruit trees require is a sunny spot, well-nourished soil and good drainage.

Start off by planting a healthy fruit tree and add some Volcanic Rock Dust to remineralise your soil.

Volcanic Rock Dust has over 72 minerals and trace elements that revitalizes soils which have been drained of all these over many years. Most importantly it is Organic. Also, because of the water shortage in South Africa, many people are installing tanks to collect rainwater in order to water plants and trees. Hopefully soaps used are not too perfumed if grey water is used for gardens.

As with any plant, giving fruit trees a great start will ensure excellent results. The recommendation is to dig a large hole, approximately 50cm or 1m if a large tree. Fill the hole with a good organic compost and a bit of potting soil, gently remove the tree from its’ packaging and plant in the hole to the same depth as it was in the packaging. Pat the soil around the tree firmly and water well.  Lastly cover the area around the stem of the tree with a good quality mulch.

Be patient, water when necessary, watch for pests or diseases and treat appropriately, if possible with an organic pesticide. Most importantly, enjoy the fruits of your efforts in the spring and summer months.