Thankfully, today many of our food growers are changing to natural methods for propagation and cultivation. This means that they feed the soil with organic matter rather than chemicals. Also they try to ensure that the borehole water used to irrigate crops has not been polluted by growers and industries around them. Natural herbicides and pesticides are used to protect crops from pests and diseases.

This is no mean feat in today’s times but they are certainly making great strides towards providing us with healthier foods.

Our berry plants are 100% organic. They start life in a sterile laboratory and are treated for disease and pests, mainly by heating and freezing. Once the seedlings are strong enough they are planted into pots and lovingly cared for, for a minimum of two years. Only when our Farmer is happy that the plants’ root system is strong are we able to sell them.

Our team make every effort possible to ensure that gardeners have complete success with their berry plants for many years.