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Cashew Nut Tree 

The Cashew Nut is considered one of the most famous nuts in the world. Shaped like a boxing glove, it can be enjoyed in various forms, from raw to roasted and even as a butter.

Unlike other nuts and seeds the cashew nut does not grow within the fruit but rather on the outside. The taste of a cashew apple has been characterised as a mix between front of the mouth sweet with a touch of sour, similar to an apple.

This is a slightly sensitive plant as it emits a sap similar to that of poison ivy. Whether you enjoy some fresh nuts or the sweet and tanginess of an apple, this tree has it all.

Jujube Tree

Jujube is a great source of vitamin C. It contains saponin which is beneficial for reducing anxiety and promoting sleep.

Although it has the consistency and taste of an apple, it tastes a lot like dates when they they have matured. The oval fruit starts off green in colour and ripens to a purplish-brown colour wrinkled when mature.

If you are looking for that evergreen tree with plenty of medicinal value, then this is the perfect tree to add to your garden.

Mangosteen Tree

Mangosteen is known as the queen of tropical fruit. This evergreen tree produces dark purple fruit with a soft, thick rind on the surface. The taste is nothing like a mango, slightly acidic, it resembles a mix between an orange and a peach.

Due to its high content of antioxidants, it is considered a super fruit. This perennial plant has been known to survive over 100 years in the wild.

This fruit has natural defences against parasites, including yellow latex, which it releases during its growth to protect itself and kill any pests. Therefore, the crop has no need to be treated with any pesticide.

Rose Apple

Although the name suggests apple, they are altogether a completely different fruit. When you first bite into the fruit you’ll notice an interesting fruity flavour. The texture of the fruit is similar to that of watermelon.

Imagine fruit that tastes like a rose. Initially it has a very sweet taste with some citrus notes afterwards. Another fruit that is sensitive as it does not last very long once picked.

Tamarind Tree


Tamarind grows in seed pods and has a date like texture. The pulp is high in tartaric acid, which gives it a range of sweet and sour taste. The more mature the fruit the sweeter the taste, the less ripe the sourer the taste.

Eating tamarind raw will hit you with the full flavour, sweetness, tanginess and all. It is also an excellent addition to sauces and chutneys and even juices. Tamarind is quite a treat with an entire range of flavours and plenty of health benefits.

Key Lime

Key limes are valued for its unique flavour compared to other limes. The name is derived from the Florida Keys where it was best known as a flavouring ingredient in key lime pie.

Key limes are smaller and yellower than other limes. It has a distinctive lime flavour that is tart but not too tart. Their aroma is also far more aromatic and will certainly add value to any garden.

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