Raspberries prefer soil with a PH level of 5.8 – 6.8. Well decomposed compost should preferably be mixed with the soil before planting. Fertilize in spring. Prune canes that bear fruit to promote new growth.

Raspberries are self-pollinating.

They are best picked when ripe. Once picked they can bruise very easily and start to lose their firmness quite quickly.

To make soil acidic mix about a third of a bag of acidic compost with potting soil. Dig a hole 50x50x50cm. Place the plant directly into the soil mixture and cover with a mulch of pine bark or pine needles, 5 – 15cm thick.

Mulch of pine bark or pine needles is a great way to lower the ph of soil and to add organic matter, but please make sure when using it as a mulch on top of the soil to not have it touching the branches of the plant. This may cause the branches to rot and get infected especially with new (one and two year old branches).