Olive Trees require full sun if possible, but can take some shade. Do not plant in an area where water accumulates during heavy downpours.
They grow in any light soil, stony soil with gravel content, is ideal and even clay, but the soil must have good drainage. Most homes have an average PH of about 6.5 – 7 which is perfect for Olive Trees to thrive. They do not like a rich soil as this can course disease and the oil produced will be poor.

Olive Trees  actually do well during drought, but water well and then allow the soil to drain, so the roots do not become water logged, and never allow the soil to dry out completely. Over-watering is the main cause of an olive tree death.

Peach Trees prefer slightly acidic soil (pH 6.0 to 6.5 ) and can be grown in full sun for highest yield but can tolerate partial sun in the afternoon.

Water very well after transplanting for the first week, thereafter, if no rain, a thorough watering to a depth of about 60-80 cms every 10 days or so. Mulch thickly with pine bark or wood chips to keep weeds at bay, and to assist in keeping the soil moist.

We sell the clingstone varieties for Gauteng as they can handle the cold. You can protect your tree from the hot midday sun, frost and borer by painting the tree trunk with a mixture of water and white interior latex paint. Also a good idea especially in climates with low night temperatures, and then daytime thawing.

Peach Trees do not need to cross pollinate, which means that a single tree 
can pollinate itself, in a garden with lots of insects.