Mango Trees can grow up to 35 m tall and can produce fruit for hundreds of year with the correct conditions and feeding.

They can be grown in colder areas although traditionally they were only grown in Tropical and sub-tropical climates. Cover with a frost cover from May to July, if planting in a coldish climate like Gauteng, and once the weather warms up usually in August, you can uncover and allow your mango tree full sunshine and the natural elements of Spring and Summer.

Almost any soil is suitable for Mango Trees. Good drainage is essential. To check the drainage, fill the 2 x 2 mt hole with water and see how fast it drains.

Use Volcanic Rock Dust which contains organic minerals and trace elements to boost soil health and increases important micro-organisms essential for healthy soil.

All fruit trees benefit from a well-aged manure or compost.

In summer water the trees deeply every three to four days making sure that the long taproot is saturated. Do not water during August and September. Resume again as soon as fruits appear.