The micro propagation and cultivation of our berries is expensive, but at the end of the day you are purchasing healthy, organic plants that will bear healthy fruit for generations to come.
For this reason, it is essential to read and follow the information given, before planting a berry plant, as they will flourish under the correct conditions.

Treated and cured of any diseases or fungi before propagation. Through experimentation by our farmers, different growing mediums make a difference to the health and life of the plants.
Before propagating the plants; different effective micro-organisms are added to the soil medium to help fight pathogens, bacteria and fungi and to strengthen the root and cell system. After propagation, seedlings are planted into 19cm pots, raised in a tunnel for approximately 2 years, depending on the variety, with up to 85% humidity.

The root systems are well established and can be planted into the ground or a large pot of 50cm x 50cm deep. Historically most berries could only grow in colder climates, growing wild in England and Canada for instance.

Many different varieties exist. Our varieties are self-pollinating. Cross-pollination by having two different varieties in your garden, will bear better quality and larger fruit. Initially plants will need a little attention until they are acclimatised and the roots have settled.

Preferably morning sun, 6-7 hours of sunlight per day.

Root systems are fine and shallow. A good mulch is essential to keep the roots cool.

Roots are not to be water logged. Winter: two to three times a week. Summer: every second day in very hot weather. Well-drained soil is necessary. Most berries are not very drought tolerant.