Cranberry Plants as we sell them. Believe it or not this plant is 18 months old and will take another 2 – 3 years to fruit. Cranberry plants are extremely slow growing but it is really worth the wait as once they start they will continue to provide cranberries almost indefinitely if they are cared for.

Important to replant your Berry plant either in the ground or in a large pot within a maximum of 2 weeks after purchase

Position: Full sun or partial shade

Size: 40cm High with vines of 2mt in length

Soil Type : Acidic Soil Ph 4.5 -5.5

Mixture of Acid Compost, Lithuanian/Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss and sandy soil

Watering : Like to be kept damp

Mulch : Organic bark or pine needle

Pruning : After 3rd year, cut back dead vines

Fertilizing : One level teaspoon of ammonium sulphate once per month September – December

PLEASE NOTE: Mulch of pine bark or pine needles is a great way to lower the ph of soil and to add organic matter, but please make sure when using it as mulch on top of the soil to not have it touching the branches of the plant. This may cause the branches to rot and get infected especially with new (one and two year old branches).