Cranberries grow as a flat spreading plant much like strawberries and need a constant water supply. Grow them in a container or in the garden where they can get daily water.

They require acidic soil with a Ph of 4.5.–5.5. The perfect mix of Acid Compost, sandy soil and Lithuanian/Canadian Sphagnam peat moss will give excellent results.

Cranberry plants grow best directly in the garden where they have plenty of space to spread their runners (vines). However, it is also possible to grow them in a large pot, if you prefer. We found that a large (20L) rectangular pot works well. This can be placed on a window shelf to allow the runners to hang down.

Cranberry Plants are extremely cold hardy and can be grown almost anywhere in South Africa. Nitrogen in the form of 1 tspn a month of Ammonium Sulphate can be added, especially during the first year or two, to promote growth on the runners.

Mulching with Pine Bark or Pine Needles is a great way to lower the ph of soil and to add organic matter, but please make sure when using it as mulch on top of the soil to not have it touching the branches of the plant. This may cause the branches to rot and get infected especially with new (one and two year old branches).

After this period nitrogen can be withheld to promote the upright growth of the plant. This will provide flowers and fruit.