South Africans have absolutely no clue as to what the fresh berry actually tastes like.

Fresh as well as dried Goji berries are an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C and many others.To be able to grow your own is really special. The plant is extremely cold hardy and heat tolerant and can survive temperatures between -40°C to 38°C

Goji Berries are known as ‘superfruits’ because of their high vitamin and mineral content. The fresher the berries the healthier they are. They must be harvested when fully ripe as only then are they edible.

The leaves and stems can be stripped for use in salads, teas, etc. and make a lovely display on food dishes. It is actually a bit of a rambling plant instead of a creeper, but it needs to be staked for the first two years.

They can be grown in the ground or a 40Ltr + tall pot on the patio or as shrubbery around the house. They are fast growers (after their first winter)

Goji Berry Plants can grow all year round with summer months being fruitful. The plants go dormant in the winter months The only factor that seems to make any difference in the growth of the plant is the soil Ph. It can be slightly acidic but they prefer an alkaline soil with a ph higher than 7.0