Plant in full sun preferrably for flower and fruit production. Guavadilla plants have deep roots, so plant in deep and fertile soil with a pH of between 6 – 6.5. Using a good organic compost would be perfect, water well and ensure that the site has good drainage.

Guavadilla plants do not like water logged soil. After transplanting water daily if very hot weather and no rain, thereafter a good 45m soaking every 3rd day. An organic, slow release fertiliser can be used in summer before fruiting, but not absolutely essential.

If in a cool climate prune in late winter, in hotter climates you can prune immediately after fruiting.

It is very important to prune well once the plant is flourishing. Cut old or dead shoots down completely and trim the healthier branches to about a third, and remove many of them completely to ensure air circulation and to stimulate new growth.