Plant in full sun if possible for flower and fruit production.

Soil –               Guavadilla plants have deep roots, so plant in deep and fertile soil

with a pH of between 6 – 6.5. Using a good organic compost would be

perfect. Water well and ensure that the site has good drainage

Watering –      Guavadilla plants do not like water logged soil. Transplant to an area

with a fence or trellis as they are very vigorous growers. After

transplanting water daily if very hot weather and no rain, otherwise

every 2nd day

Fertilising –    An organic, slow release fertiliser can be used in summer before


Pruning –        If in a cool climate prune in late winter; in hotter climates you can

prune immediately after fruiting.

It is very important to prune well once the plant has flourished. Cut old

or dead shoots down completely and trim the healthier branches to

about a third, and even remove many of them completely to ensure air

circulation as this will stimulate new growth.

Fruit only grows on new growth.

Pests –            You can spray your Guavadilla vine with an organic pesticide like

Neem oil mixed with a small amount of dish washer in 1 litre of water.

You cannot keep this mixture for more than 8hrs, but it can be used on

all your fruit trees every 2 weeks for prevention of pests, aphids etc.

Harvesting-    When the fruit is ready they drop off onto the ground. Place them into

the fridge immediately to prevent the insides going mouldy