Grape vines are relatively easy to grow and produce an abundance of fruit.

Position – Grapes like all fruit trees prefer full sun, but can handle partial shade, and a well-drained soil.

Grapes can produce fruit during their growing period however only after 3 years will they produce clumps of fruit. As out=r grape plants are grafted they should fruit there first year after planting. Flowers are self-pollinating therefore only one plant is required.

Planting – Plant in the ground in a 50x50x50cm hole. Planting in a pot about 50cms deep with a trellis behind it is very successful. If required, you can always move to a larger pot at a later date.

Soil – Plant in slightly acidic soil with a PH of 5-6. If you have our Berry mix – add it to a bag of compost. A bag of Volcanic
Rock Dust (which we provide) will add trace elements and minerals to the soil.
Add nitrogen and potassium to feed your vines early in spring and again after harvest. We like to use Talbourne Organics 3-1-5- Fruit fertiliser, it is a slow release and works really well.

Watering – Water every day after replanting, for the first week, and then every 3rd day. They do not like their roots to be water logged. Deep watering can cause root rot.

Pruning – During their dormant period from their 2nd year, it is very important to cut them back completely to ensure tasty, well formed grape clusters at harvest time. If you do not prune back, a grapevine grows to a dense mass of mostly older wood with relatively little “fruiting wood” each year. The dense growth leads to poor air circulation, which encourages fungal diseases. You can remove between 70 to 90 percent of the previous year’s growth each winter.

If you would like information on any of the varieties of grape plants we sell, please comment below with your email address. Thank you!