With the cost of food soaring and so many people being more health conscious than ever before, growing your own fruit is the way to go.

Most important to start with when planting is ensuring that the soil is correct. Many fruit trees require slightly acidic soil, so take into account the PH level that is required for each individual plant. The average garden soil is more alkaline rather than acidic.

Banana Trees PH range between 6.5-8, a good organic compost/potting soil mix or even your garden soil if healthy, mixed with volcanic rock dust if available, keep the soil moist and if it dries out, water again

Plant in full sun or partial shade in the afternoon. They have beautiful purple flowers, and the bananas grow very quickly after bloom. Remove any damaged or worn leaves which will allow the growth of new leaves

Plum Trees are very easy to grow. We sell the Methley cultivar, a red plum, which is a self-pollinating variety, and therefore you only need one tree for it to bear fruit.
The Methley plum variety is a fast growing tree and has beautiful fragrant blossoms in early spring and a sweet juicy plum with reddish skin.

Plum trees can be grown in sandy or clay soil, they are not fussy at all, but it is imperative that the soil does drain well. Plant in sun and water well after planting, thereafter, a good soaking twice a month is sufficient. They need to be moist down to about 60cms below the surface

Strawberry plants can be planted just about anytime, except when going into the winter months, particularly if you get frost. They like a slightly acidic soil – pH between 5.5 and 6.8, as well as at least 8 hours a day of sunshine

Strawberry plants are perennials ( they will regrow every spring ) They need a nice rich soil with lots of compost, rotten manure and some peat moss when planting. Water regularly, and during fruit bearing give them a good soaking every day.

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