Is there really such a thing? A black raspberry? After all, just about every photo of a raspberry plant are images of the vibrantly red berry that we’ve all come to know and love.

The black raspberry, not to be confused with the blackberry which shares a surprising number of characteristics, especially when it comes to looks, is, in fact, a real berry. Although not many people know about this berry, it is slowly creeping into the lists of popular fruits and as such, it is important to get to know just what makes this plant such a great addition to have in your garden or berry crop. 

To help you along in your quest for knowledge, we’ve rounded up some of the most commonly asked questions about these little known plants.

What does the black raspberry taste like?

The black raspberry is absolutely delicious! At least, that is the opinion most have when they first try one. The berries share a slight similarity in flavour with the red raspberry, although they are known to have a far more intense flavour. They also have a hint of blackberry to them, although they are a lot less tart. The black raspberry also contains a lot less sugar than the blackberry.

What does the black raspberry look like?

Think about a red raspberry, and now paint it black in your mind. You are now pretty much picturing the black raspberry, as except for the colour they are quite identical. They have a hollow centre, and the outside of the fruit is covered in tiny white hairs. The cells of the berry will be small and these will not extend too far out. Blackberries are different in that they will have a white or green core which is attached to the stem of the plant, which is one way to spot the difference.

What type of environments do they thrive in?

Black raspberries are wonderfully hardy plants and they are known to thrive in cooler environments. There are two types of black raspberry plants; the trailing and the erect. The trailing plant can grow in temperatures of up to minus 12 degrees Celsius while the erect plants can withstand temperatures of up to minus 25 degrees Celsius.

How long does it take for the plant to bear fruit?

Just Berry Plants black raspberry plants will begin bearing fruit either in the year purchased or the following year. The plant reaches maturity after about 3 years. Black raspberries can have several flushes of fruit throughout the year.

Many plants can remain productive for more than 12 years, however, it is sometimes recommended that a replant is done every 10 or so years.

What are the various uses of black raspberries?

The berries are rich in anti-oxidants and they are even referred to by some as the “King of Berries”! The berries can be eaten fresh, baked into pies, turned into sorbets, or enjoyed as jams or purees. They can also be used as a natural food colouring.

If you are interested in adding this unique berry plant to your garden or if you are looking to break into the market by farming your own, you can buy a black raspberry plant from Just Berry Plants and we’ll assist you with some helpful information relating to how best to grow and care for your plant.