The question of needing to buy two Blueberry plants is asked so often it is worth a mention here.

The Blueberry Plants that we grow and sell are self pollinating which means you do NOT have to purchase two of them to fruit. However, if you do have two different varieties the fruit will be a better quality and the size of the fruit will be larger.

There are many varieties of Blueberry Plants available. We have three varieties that are specifically grown for Natal weather conditions. They are all early season fruiters and may go dormant in winter and lose their leaves.

We also have Blueberry Plants for colder areas like Jhb and also the Midlands where they have snow and frost. These varieties are classified into three groups, Early season, Mid season and Late season. If you are able to plant one of each you could have gorgeous blueberries for 6-7 months of the year, depending on the weather.