Custard Apple trees produce a large number of custard apples. The fruits ripen in late winter and early spring when most other summer fruits are not available.

Avoid planting in soils that previously grew ginger, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes and potatoes.

Plant in full sun at least 6mt away from structures, powerlines or other trees. Try to shelter from strong winds. Best to plant your tree in late winter in cold climates and cover with frost cover for the first few winters.

They enjoy summer rainfall areas. Young trees need a good soaking every 2 weeks for the first few years except in winter. When fruits are fully grown, refrain from watering

Pruning when the tree is young, as the leaves of the Custard Apple Tree are large and droopy, create an open vase shape to allow light to penetrate.

The fruit should be picked only when it is yellow. If picked green, it will not ripen well and the fruit will be inferior.