Cherries are so delicious, why not grow your own? The season is short, very labour intensive and therefore cherries are extremely expensive.

Our Sweet Black Cherries will be ready to fruit in about 2 years, and Red Sour cherries ready to fruit in about a year. They are organically grown in Gauteng. They are self pollinating therefore only one plant is needed. Bees and insects will pollinate your flowers

In 6 years your tree will laden with fruit. The most important factor for good fruit is to stop watering when the cherries turn pink. Obviously if it rains we can do nothing about it but hope that the cherries will not split.

Cherry trees must be planted in full sun and in well-drained soil, they are very susceptible to root rot. Plant in a protected spot from wind as the cherries can easily be bruised.

They respond well to light applications of nitrogen fertilizer when the blossoms first appear in spring. In reasonably good soils the trees may need no more than an annual mulch of good organic compost.