Quite an unknown fruit in South Africa, often called a Strawberry Guava, they start flowering in late spring, but sometimes the tree may have a second bloom in late autumn depending on the weather. The fruit ripens in mid to late Summer.
The fruit is about the size of a small plum, red with a very thin skin, and lovely juicy flesh.

Cherry guavas require a slightly acidic soil with a PH 5-7. The average garden soil is usually quite adequate as long as it has good drainage. You can use a bag of acid compost mixed with your soil /pottting soil, this would also work well.

Plant in full sun in a sheltered spot if possible, Gauteng/Cape climate (protect from strong wind in the Cape) otherwise the weather is perfect. Cherry Guavas will not tolerate very heavy frost or snow.

Be careful when your cherry guava bears fruit, as fruit flies also love them and they could be infested with worms inside.

Plant nasturtiums, chives and garlic around and this may assist with pesky fruit flies.

Cherry Guava Fully Grown