Please replant your Berry plant either in the ground or in a large pot within a maximum of 2 weeks after purchase

Position: Full sun – can tolerate partial shade – does not tolerate heavy frosts

Size: Up to 1.5m tall

Soil Type: Loamy to sandy soil, well drained and kept moist – can tolerate a bit of clay

Mulch: Organic compost and mulch.

Watering: Depending on the weather, keep moist in growing season. Can tolerate drought but will not fruit during a drought. Water soil only – try not to water the leaves as this can encourage pests and disease

Pruning : Prune dead canes in winter

Fertilizing: Not necessary

This is an upright, straggling plant that bears yellow fruit inside a brown husk. Cape Gooseberry Plants like full sun but will tolerate a bit of shade. They prefer to be sheltered from strong winds and grow in almost all soil types. The soil ph level best suited for this plant is between 5.5 and 7.0. Sandy soil mixed with a little organic compost or potting soil is sufficient for this plant.

They are fairly drought hardy but can be sensitive in heavy frost areas.

Gooseberry plants can be affected by cutworm and caterpillars. Watch out for these as they are airborne pests and can be treated with an organic pesticide.

Cape Gooseberries contain many vitamins and antioxidants as well as Pectin which is excellent for bone strengthening.

To store gooseberries, they should be picked when ripe in their envelopes/husks and kept at room temperature. They can last up to 30 days.