Often people buy Blueberry Plants and say they are going to add tea leaves to make their soil acidic, worm tea or chicken manure for nutrients etc.

Some gardeners have their special products they enjoy using for their plants and fruit trees. It is important to know when to use and which plants will be harmed by using any products.

What is good for the goose, is not always good for the gander:-)

Our Blueberry plants are not like blueberries in the States for instance. If you Google and see that you can use manure to help your Blueberry plants grow, this would be too strong for our plants.

Our advice is to use less rather than more!

We advise starting off correctly using acid compost or our blueberry mix ( you could use tea leaves, they won’t harm, but not enough acidity) Lithuanian or Canadian Spaghnum lowest PH peat moss. That is all! We like to use Volcanic Rock Dust as it adds minerals and trace elements that ALL plants require, ensures excellent growth and quality fruit.

That is all you need for your soil, a once off investment. After planting you need to mulch with pine bark or pine needles about every 3 months. This maintains the acidity of the soil, keeps the harsh sun off the roots and prevents weeds.