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The Selecta strawberry is the variety that grows particularly well in South Africa. It bears deliciously juicy red strawberries that are perfect for a snack on the go, juices, shakes and desserts. This plant grows close to the ground and is very rewarding in terms of...

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Growing Grape Vines

Grape vines are relatively easy to grow and produce an abundance of fruit. Position - Grapes like all fruit trees prefer full sun, but can handle partial shade, and a well-drained soil. Grapes can produce fruit during their growing period however only after 3 years...

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Black & Red Raspberries

Black and Red Raspberries are self-pollinating. Black Raspberry fruits are smaller and seedier than those of red raspberries. Black raspberries are considered a “super fruit” due to their exceptionally high level of antioxidants. Black raspberries are bursting with...

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About Epsom Salts

Epsom salts - MgSO4(H2O)x - are a mixture of magnesium, sulphur and oxygen. They are recommended for commercial growers, regardless of the climate they’re in or the plants they are growing because they are so beneficial to floral species. They dissolve easily and are...

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Vertical Organic Farming for Startups

VERTICAL FARMING…. FOR STARTUPS : We supply the special vertical growing pockets , plus the inserts , plus the direct guidance. The pockets are sold at R7.00 each i.e. 100 x 7 = R700 We recommend that you start small with a trial and an easy and risk free way forward...

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Blueberry Varieties in Autumn

Blueberries are really easy fruits to grow, they are mostly not affected by insects and disease and therefore little or no spraying is required. We use organic pesticides only if required, and have found the most useful for many problems is a Neem oil solution....

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