The perfect hedge which also produces berries. Aronia Berries are grown for its attractive appearance as well as being a super fruit, known to lower blood pressure, illiminate toxins, and even known to have anti-cancer properties.

Overseas the Aronia Berry plant requires between 800-1200 chill hours. They grow in snow and icy weather, but we don’t have a climate anywhere near that, so how come we are now able to plant and produce berries from these plants?

Our farmer propagates and cultivates our berry plants specifically to acclimatise them to grow in SA.

We stock the Black Aronia Berry plants, their leaves turn bright red in Autumn, beautiful white flowers in spring and fruit from the end of Summer into Autumn.

They are small when we sell them and will fruit in 2 years in late summer and into Autumn. They do not require special soil but must have good drainage so they do not become waterlogged. When the soil is dry, water and also when the plant is young or fruiting. It is self-pollinating and loves lots of sun.