Arabica Coffee Plants are evergreen trees with shiny leaves that prefer a filtered or dappled space in the garden. Ideal for growing indoors in the colder months. Coffee trees cannot tolerate frost and will need to be protected during winter. Cover with a frost cover throughout winter if not living in a warm winter climate.

Coffee trees prefer temperatures between 15 and 24°C, although if it’s within the range of 7-30°C, it will still grow quite well. The soil should be kept on the moist side, but never soggy. The coffee plant can tolerate dry conditions but it won’t flower and fruit without regular watering. Whether you plant your coffee tree indoors or out, they require a rich, well composted soil.

If you intend keeping your Coffee Tree indoors, you would need a tray under the pot with pebbles and water. This gives the tree humidity. NEVER expose the tree to direct sunlight. They require lots of light but not sun.