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Herb Seedlings

Lemon balm

Scientific name: Melissa officinalis

A very long lasting herbaceous plant. It grows to a height of 70-150cm. The leaves are used for flavouring as well as herb, in teas. The plant is used to attract bees, thus assisting with pollinating your garden. It produces small white flowers during summer, full of nectar.

Lemon balm has a pleasant lemon smell as it is part of the mint family. The plant flourishes in full sun but will grow in some shade. Lemon balm is used in traditional and alternative medicine, including aromatherapy.

Easy tea recipe;
1. Chop 15-20 leaves in order to extract the oil.
2. Put chopped leaves into boiling water and let stand for 10 minutes.
3. Stir in honey and strain.
4. Enjoy warm.


Scientific name: Salvia officianalis

Sage is a long lasting evergreen subshrub with blue to purplish flowers. It is part of the mint family with a long history of medicinal and culinary values.

Sage grows best in medium to full sun as it will do well in containers and indoors. The plant will grow to a height of between 30-80cm. It has a savoury, slightly peppery taste.

The stems, leaves and flowers of the sage plant are edible as it will add great flavour to most of your dishes.


Scientific name: Coriandum sativum

Coriander, also known as chinese parsley, is a soft plant growing to 50cm in height. Coriander produces white or very pale pink assymetrical flowers. The entire plant is edible but mostly the fresh leaves and dried seeds are used in traditional cooking.

Coriander seeds have a lemony citrusy flavour when crushed. It is commonly used in many different cuisines especially Indian food as roasted coriander is used as a snack.

Coriander enjoys full sun with some shade in the afternoons.


Scientific name: Eruca vesucaria

Rocket also known as arugula is used as a leaf vegetable for its fresh, tart, bitter and pepper flavour. It grows to between 20-100cm in height. The flowers and leaves are all edible.

Rocket is primarily used as a herb in salads. It will grow in sunny conditions but will do well in semi-shade. Rocket grows well with beetroot and spinach.

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